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I hate when my parents yell at me and treat me like shit

Then 5 minutes later they come back acting like nothing is wrong asking for forgiveness

Like ‘No you fucking made me feel bad, your my god damn parents you’re supposed to make me feel better about myself! NOT MAKE ME FEEL WORSE’

Then when you dont accept their apology and hold a small grudge, They get all pissed about it and start treating you like shit and making you feel bad

Then they wonder why we dont respect them 

Totally felt this

WhatsApp Messenger: Android + iPhone + Nokia + BlackBerry + Windows Phone


I just downloaded WhatsApp Messenger on my Android.

It is a smartphone messenger which replaces SMS. This app even lets me send pictures, video and other multimedia!

WhatsApp Messenger is available for Android, iPhone, Nokia, Windows Phone and BlackBerry and there is no PIN or username to remember - it works just like SMS and uses your internet data plan.

Get it now from and say good-bye to SMS!

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